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Two hour Husky Safari

The friendly barks of the huskies welcome you to the local husky farm in Rovaniemi, but as soon as the husky safari with these arctic dogs departs from the husky farm, these wonderful dogs quiet down and start to work and pull the dog sleigh. Enjoy the surroundings of the arctic nature and the husky sleigh ride on the snowy trails in silence. Stop for a break in the middle of nowhere and take photos while you enjoy the sceneries of Lapland. We drive two persons per husky sleigh and there is a possibility to change the driver along the way during the husky safari. The average length of the trail is 12-17 km, but the weather conditions and the skills of the participants may affect the length of the ride.
  • ~2 h
  • 14:00 PM daily (from 6.1.2020 ->)
  • Adult € 162,00 Child € 121,00 (4-12years)

Additional info

Operated: Daily from 6th of January onwards

Includes: Winter clothing, husky farm visit, ~1.5 hours husky safari of 12-17 km, 2 persons/team, children in sleigh, hot drinks, guiding in English

Optional transfers: Return fare 10€, pick-up places: Santa´s Hotel Santa Claus (city center) and Santa Claus Holiday Village reception. Ask for further details.

Online reservations and more information

If you have any questions, please call +358 40 8223 299, send email (info@raitola.fi), or fill in the form below.